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Ashfall Issue #1 Exclusive Pre-Order *Digital Copy*

Ashfall Issue #1 Exclusive Pre-Order *Digital Copy*

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By purchasing this pre-order item you are reserving access to a digital copy of Ashfall #1!

Unlock the first issue of the Ashfall comic created by John Garvin. Cover art by Wildstorm and DC Comics Legend Brett Booth.

This item is currently on pre-sale. Please expect access at a later date.
Est. delivery of comic is April 2023.


*NOTE* This is a traditional digital comic book, no web3 technology is involved with this item.

About Ashfall

While traveling the Easton Badlands, Ash Naranjo stops to refuel at a Trace, one of the many pockets of dark energy that scar what was once the Pacific Northwest. There he has an unexpected encounter that could forever change the course of his search for his missing sister.

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